Broken Arch Floral Pillars



The Broken Arch floral pillars are an impressive set comprised of 5 individual floral groupings to make up the broken arch look. Florals are a lush mix of greens and three rose varieties professionally placed for an easy install. This piece is sure to make your wedding look like a florist was onsite and custom designed this just for your special day! 

Florals only. Structure is not included Can be customized to any of our collections.  

Available for April 1, 2023 events forward. 

**This is a Rental Only and has to be returned. **

Setup comes with:

* A bundle of extra greenery to fill in as needed. 

* Zip ties and chenille stems to secure to your structure


Taller Left Side: 112" 

Shorter Right Side: 90"

The florals are compatible and can be used on the following structures: 

Broken Arch

Traditional Round Arch


Circle Arch

Hexagon Arch